Jack is Cooking Shrimp, Swordfish, and Tuna

here’s what you’ll need

1/3 cup olive oil
the juice of 2 lemons
1/2 cup white wine
salt pepper

1-1&1/2 lb shrimp
swordfish steak
tuna steak

a bbq or grill

Jack is Cooking Pepper Crusted Steak

Here is my famous Pepper Crusted Steak Video

today i am cooking a pepper steak. you will need
steak (i used a porterhouse, but you can do this with any steak)
1/2 cup cracked pepper corn
ground pepper

oil for cooking

Jack is Cooking Shepherds Pie (update)

an update on the previous recipe. i used sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. 

check out my the original post here:

for the rest of the recipe