Jack is Cooking Braised Burdock

Well Hello Internet!
a bunch of days probably weeks ago now i made some braised burdock, and man was it delicious! a relief from all the pastries!  
heres what you’ll need:
1 burdock root
2 carrots
sesame seeds
what i thought was bok choy – or maybe spinach – but actually was collard greens – hahaha
hot sesame oil
olive oil
soy sauce
brown rice vinegar
rice syrup
so first!
slice everything up! 
heres a trick with burdock.  it oxidizes super fast!  like super super fast.  the fastest anything will ever oxidize.  so when you are cutting it i find the best way to cut it is to pretend you are sharpening a pencil with a knife – slicing bits off of the root.  do this over a bowl of water, so that the slices land in the water.  this way it won’t oxidize.
then heat the oilive oil and sesame oil in a pan.  add the ginger and the garlic.  cook for maybe 30 seconds, and then add in the burdock and the carrots. until they are tender.  at this point you can add in the mysterious green vegetables!  hahaha, the thing was, i had a green leafy vegetable in my fridge, but i actually had no idea what it was!  at first i thought it was spinach, but then i thought to myself, no that’s not spinach.  it must be bok choy.  only when julie returned from mexico did she inform me that she had in fact bought collard greens!  so that’s what it was.  either way it was delicious, and all of the above would have been delicious also…
so, yeah cook those green things until they are cooked down a bit and then add in all the sauces, and stir fry a little longer.  sprinkle with sesame seeds when done!
mmm mmm delicious

Jack is Cooking Pastry # 6

Well Hello Internet!
i made a fruit tart pastry school.  this is my favorite thing ever ever ever, and now i know how to make one!  not that its too complicated!  once i knew how to make pastry cream i suppose it would be pretty easy to figure out.  after all all it is is cut up fruit!
i can’t wait to make lots of these
mmmm mmmm delicious!

Jack is Cooking Pastry # 5

Well Hello Internet!

During this class we made a Queen of Sheeba Cake.  its a “flourless” cake but not totally gluten free.  although it could be modified pretty easy to make it so, because it only had about 30 grams of flour in it.  that could easily be replaced with GF flour.  the cake part basically has almond flour and lots of meringue.  the decoration as lots of fun!  I actually haven’t eaten it yet because its so pretty looking im scared to cut into it!

Oh yeah, we also made a butt-load of croissants.  we made the dough the other day and made them during this class.  we made 4 types – plain, almond, chocolate (pain au chocolat), and chocolate almond (pain au chocolat avec amande)  that one i made up!  but it probably exists somewhere!!!
here they all are!
mmmm mmmmm delicious!