Jack is Cooking Updates to the website

Hello internet!

Well i’ve added some new features to the website, which may not be noticed at first, but you may find them very useful.  The first feature is a Search bar.  It should be on the top right…

you can use this to search for anything on jackiscooking.com

The next feature that will also making browsing easier is the Cooking Cloud.  It is also in the right menu bar of the website, and contains different ingredients that i have used over time.  It is automatically arranged by the frequency of use of the ingredient, with the most used ingredients a larger font.

Apparently the ingredient i use the most is Cheese!  It also appears that after arranging itself by use, once it gets to ingredients i’ve used only once it turns alphabetical.  All very sensical if you ask me.

Also i have made it easier to comment, so now anybody can comment, not just people with Google accounts!  So Comment away!  Feedback is always good.

And finally, and probably the most important, is i have added more ways to subscribe to the blog, including an Google, Bloglines, Netvibes, Newsgator, Yahoo, and Atom –  which is an RSS option.

RSS is pretty cool,  you can get it to automatically come into your mail program, or other RSS readers.

All the different ways to subscribe are in the right menu bar.

So, Search, Comment and Subscribe away!

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