Jack is Cooking in Tennessee (part 2)

Well Hello Internet!

So its been a super busy day down here in Nashville!  Mee and I cooked up a storm, a thai storm!  we cooked for 5 hours straight!  Make sure you check out her blog.  www.princessknowitall.com

there were four dishes that we made,

Tom Yum Khaa, Thai fried rice, Pad Thai, and a Curry, which is a mixture of Massaman Curry and Red curry.

These episodes are super legit!  we had a film crew, and people to help prep and clean up and everything!  its like i hit the big time!  anyhow, as such the videos are gonna take a couple of weeks to be finished, but once they are they will be up!

Here is some pictures in the mean time.


Al the Cameraman,

Ingredients for soup


Al, and Mee

so Stay tuned!  these episodes are going to be super awesome

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