Jack is Cooking Egg in a Basket

Well Hello Internet!

Tonight i made an old favorite when i’m way too lazy to think of something to cook. Eggs are always in the fridge, and i always have bread.

This is just a tiny bit (well ok, a whole lot!!) yummier than just plain old fried eggs on toast!

You will need:
Heres what to do. First prepare two (or more if your that hungry) slices of bread. Take a shot glass or something and cut out a nice circle in the middle:

Next melt some butter in a frying pan, and put the bread in the pan, INCLUDING the bits you cut out! (these are the best parts! they get all buttery and delicious!). Rub them around a little, and then flip them over. this is important so that both sides of the bread get buttered, and one side doesn’t hog it all!
Ok, so once your bread is all nice and buttered, crack two eggs over the bread. the circles should be the exact same size as the egg yolks. they will then sit nicely in the holes, and the egg whites will sit on top of the bread.

Fry them this way for about 4 minutes, maybe a little less (it does take a little longer than actually frying an egg…) The best way to know is to keep your eye on the bread holes that are frying next to the bread. Once they are nice and golden on one side, you know its time to flip!
Oh man its lookin’ good now! ok, so a few more minutes on this side, until the eggs are cooked, and then toss them out onto a plate!
Tah Dah! Egg in a basket. Everybody likes these! normally more for breakfast, but the incredible edible egg is always good! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or a Midnight Snack!
if you must insist you can throw some lettuce onto the plate also, and then there will be something green to go along with it…. or Bacon! hahaha

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