Jack is Cooking Coconut Fish with Kale and Coconut Rice

Well Hello Internet!
Last night i made the most delicious fish covered with coconut, and rice cooked with coconut, and some kale!  it was a coconut inspired meal.  anyways its really easy to do.  
heres what you’ll need:
some kind of fish (i used sole)
coconut milk
coconut flakes
salt and pepper
coconut rice (follow rice directions, but use substitute half of the water with coconut milk.  also add in some coconut flakes)
First i let the fish sit in some coconut milk with salt and pepper for like 30 minutes.  
while this was sitting i prepared the kale.  i just cut it roughly, chopped up some garlic, and chopped up some ginger.  i’ll be back to that in a little bit.
After it soaked in the milk for 30 minutes, i took the fish, and i coated it in a mixture of flour salt and pepper.  (at about this time you should start cooking the rice also) then i put it back in the coconut milk, just to get a coating on both sides, and then i covered both sides with coconut flakes (the unsweetened kind!)
i heated up 2 pans.  one to cook the kale, and the other to cook the fish.  in the kale pan i put a tablespoon of olive oil, and started to saute the garlic and ginger.  in the fish pan i put about 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil.  and let that heat up til it was pretty hot.  Add the kale to the ginger and garlic, and stir around.  cover to let it steam.  this can cook for about 5 minutes and then its done.  (a little lemon juice is really good in this also!)
while the kale was cooking, i added the fish to the other hot pan, and let it cook until it was nice and golden brown, then i flipped it and cooked until it was nice and golden brown on the other side! (fish cooks pretty quick, so this all happens in like 5 minutes.  you got to stay on top of this and the kale!)
if you time it right, the kale, the fish, and the rice should all be done at the same time!
mmm mmm delicious!!

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