Jack is Cooking: JACüTERIE

For the past year i’ve been secretly working on this, working on recipes, thinking about it, and now its happening. Premiering in mid 2013 JACüTERIE will provide some of the most delicious dried sausages and other cured meats all locally made in the Hudson Valley. Everything will be made naturally using the best meats from Herondale Farm and other natural ingredients sourced from the best places possible!

Right now though i need some help from everybody i know, from friends, family, and followers of this blog!  i need to raise 10,000 in the next 45 days so i can get some of the more pricey equipment.  If you help me out with this you will be among the first to get to try some of these great sausages and bacon and many many other delicious things!!!

I also have some t shirts and tote bags etc that you can get for contributing to the campaign!

So Check it out here at this link:


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