Jack is Cooking: A Busy Year!

Well Hello Internet!

Its been a long time since i posted any recipes, i’ve been very busy formalizing Jackiscooking into an actual company!

As you may know earlier this year i engaged in an Indiegogo campaign to raise some money to build a certified meat processing facility so i could produce my own Salami, Bacon, and Sausage.

There was great success, and i was able to build the facility, tackle mountains of regulatory paperwork, and begin selling my delicious charcuterie!

I now have a backlog of recipes to publish, which i will begin doing in the next few weeks.

A few weeks ago the wonderful photographer B. Docktor came and took some great shots of salami making in action.

That day i was making my French Style Saucisson Sec – a dried sausage with no added spices, so all you get is the delicious flavor of cured pork!

Here comes the meat mixture:

Preparing the casings:

Stuffing Salami (This is serious business!  look how concentrated i am!)

Each Saucisson must be the same size!
The Curing Chamber!  here i am moving some Chorizo around to make room for my Saucisson Sec!  Each batch of sausages is fermented for 48 hours in my greening room (This is a room that is very humid, and quite warm) before heading to the Curing chamber (Below) to hang for 3-4 weeks.
just me and a whole lot of salami!
Check out B’s website here:
so stay tuned here for new recipes coming soon, and for all info on JACüTERIE check out
its going to be big.  


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