Jack is Cooking Pig in a Blanket

this is a cheap easy thing to make and it tastes good

you’ll need
hot dogs (i used hebrew national foot longs in this video)
crescent rolls (these come premade by pillsbury and also you can get generic crescent rolls in whatever store you are at)

Jack is Cooking Shepherds Pie

today i am cooking shepherds pie. this is an old english dish which is very easy and very cheap to make. you can also make it with leftovers, so like if you have a bolognaise sauce left over you can use that.

the way i made it from scratch, it cost me less than 10 dollars to make

(even using all organic ingredients)

, and can feed like 3 people (more if they are children)

a note: shepherds pie actually contains ground lamb. thus the name shepherds pie. but since lamb these days is expensive it can be made with beef. which is technically cottage pie, but whatever i call it shepherds pie.

1 lb ground beef (or lamb)
3-4 potatoes
salt and pepper
some carrots,
some sliced onion
chedder cheese

also, if you are interested in purchasing any organic meat, and you live in the US, go to


and you can buy any of the meat that you see me cooking with. it is all USDA organic freerange happy animals, and it tastes damn good

Jack is Cooking Ravioli with Tomato Sauce

The first episode of Jack is Cooking from 2007.  You might even call it a pilot. 
I also decided to tell a story about mickey mouse in the captions, just to see if anybody was paying attention.  Turns out they were!