Jack is Cooking more Cookies!

Well Hello Internet!
so today i made an experimental batch of cookies, to test out for christmas!  i used 5 different types of fillings, to see how successful they may or may not be.  either way they will definitely be delicious!  but some fillings may or may not work.
so from from left to right:
nutella, strawberryjam, four fruit jam, blueberry jam, peach preserve (jam?)
then finally after searching high and low, i found some coloured sugar:
and i baked them for 10 minutes:
the blueberry jam appears to be a lot more liquidy and therefor does not contain within the cookes as well.  also these are gluten free cookies, so the dough spread out quite a bit more.
they are extremely delicious!
for the recipe check out the previous cookie post.
to make them gluten free, i used pamelas gluten free pancake and baking mix, instead of flour.  although i had to use a little bit more than normal flour, to get the right consistency with the dough.
i will continue in my gluten free experiments, as more and more people seem to be gluten free
mmmm mmm delicious

Jack is Cooking Nutella Bomb Snickerdoodles

Well Hello Internet!
so since i had so much dough left over from last night, i decided to make more cookies today!  except this time, i made them even more f***ing delicious than they were!
heres what i did:
first i took the balls of dough, and i made hollowed them out
then i filled this pocket with nutella
i then reformed the ball around the nutella concealing it within!
then i rolled the dough in cinnamon sugar
put them on the cookie tray
and baked them at 350° for 12 minutes
here it is!
when you bite into it the nutella bomb explodes!
mmmm mmmm super delicious!