Jack is Cooking Pastry #2

Well Hello Internet!
Just a quick post tonight, before some more substantial posts in the next couple of days.  i’ve got a whole lot of things that i’ve made sitting, and waiting for me to put them up i just have to type up the recipes.  
anyhow tonight i had more pastry school and we made a quiche!  here is the quiche that we made.  it is a classic quiche lorraine.
over the weekend i made another quiche, and that will be posted in full, so check that out soon.
We also made pate a choux – which is the basic dough for eclairs.  we didn’t finish making the eclairs, but we did get to make some super awesome looking lovers swans!  and we had to fully plate them!!  anyhow this ones for Julie! 🙂
in case you can’t see how super awesome those are from just that photo heres a close up
hopefully the eclairs will be done on thursday and i can post em, but these swans are pretty darned impressive!!!   (if i do say so myself)
 mmmm mmm delicious