Jack is (not) Cooking Tuna Toro

Well Hello Internet!
Heres another post that’s been sitting for far too long inside of my computer!  A couple of weeks ago, on a sunday morning we were awoken with claims that we were going to New Jersey to eat a bunch of tuna!
The claims turned out to be true!  We were very kindly escorted out to New Jersey by Stephen, who also treated us to all this delicious Tuna.  It was an unforgettable event!
Heres the deal:
Apparently at this crazy Japanese mall/supermarket place in Edgewater New Jersey, once a year they have a tuna cutting performance!
what this means, is they take a whole tuna, and dudes with samurai swords (ok not samurai swords, but enormous knives!!!!) cut up a whole Tuna in a matter of minutes.
This Tuna was 680 lbs, dressed!!!
Dressed means without the head!
well anyways, after a very impressive performance by these skilled tuna cutters, Stephen the man with the plan – had the inside hookup to Mike – who led the performance, and managed to procure the best bits of the tuna for us!  and i mean the BEST bits.  We got the sushi tuna, we got the TORO tuna, (MAD amounts of TORO), the meat that was between the ribs, i don’t even know what its called!
So we took all this fresh tuna and we found a table in the food court and we set up a sushi kitchen.  Were we allowed to do this?  probably not!  but who cares!  we looked like we knew what we were doing!!
So we had a feast, we ate more tuna than is probably recommended by the state of california (since they seem to be the authorities on everything), probably all got mercury poisoning, and just plain old had a great time.
Now Somehow, i know how to roll sushi…  i think i just happen to be a master at rolling… just about anything… wink wink… its all the same right?
ok so here i am spreading some sushi rice onto some nori
here i am cutting the fresh tuna into strips (with a very very sharp knife!)
here i am making some fresh Wasabi.  this stuff is way better than the wasabi you normally get in the restaurant!
and here are my spicy tuna rolls!  the spicy mayonnaise (is that really how you spell that?  spell check says it is so….) was provided by Mike, who provided the Tuna!
so i probably ate about 15 of these rolls, plus at least 6 or 7 pieces of Toro Sashimi, and also some delicious Fluke that Mike raised himself.
we were deliriously full!
mmm mmmm delicious
p.s.!  thanks to the lovely Julie, who took me out to this tuna heaven, and who also took all these pictures while i was busy rolling!

3 thoughts on “Jack is (not) Cooking Tuna Toro

  1. Wink! Wink! Say no more, SAY no more! I don't like raw fish…or cooked fish for that matter, but your rolls do look very impressive! Neat experience – tfs!

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