Jack is Cooking (Baking) Gluten Free Croissants – That taste like REAL Croissants

Well Hello Internet!

Normally on Christmas morning we all wake up early and open our stockings (YES Santa still comes and visits our house even though we are all grown up! 🙂  ) and then eat some kind of delicious pastry before moving on to the more serious presents that have piled up under our enormous Christmas Tree.

However, in the last few years we have been at a loss as what kind of pastry to eat because both my mom and my sister can no longer eat gluten.

so i took it upon myself to figure out how to make Gluten Free Croissants.

i’ve never even made regular croissants before, but how hard could it be i figured…

haha!  apparently croissants are complicated!  but i did it anyway.
and i did it gluten free.

and guess what!  they were perfect.  they were more than perfect.  they are so perfect that im not even going to put the recipe here, because i feel like i’ve discovered some kind of Gold!

Gluten Free Croissants people!  all the gluten free people out there are gonna be breaking down my door to eat these things.

and since it was the first time, i know that i can make them even better, and even more perfect than they were before!

here are some pictures of the process – minus the ingredients…

Here i am preparing the dough:  it takes lots of pounding and punching!

Then there is a rising period…  followed by more punching, and then more rising.
Then the dough is rolled out, and butter is added.  LOTS of butter!!!  mmmm mmmm can’t have croissants without butter!
The butter is encased in the dough, and then all the folding and rolling begins
Roll and fold and chill and roll and fold and chill and roll and fold and chill
(this whole process takes about 11-12 hours at minimum btw)
finally they are ready for cutting and rolling!
 yum yum
then these little rolled croissants are frozen before baking

and tah-dah!  croissants!
that one in the middle got a sausage in it!  how did that happen?  mmmmm  check out the sausage post too.  we made those from scratch also!
mmmm mmmm delicious.
p.s. one day in the near future perhaps a bakery will open that i will bake in where people can buy gluten free croissants….

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