Jack is Cooking: Pancakes #2 (Banana Pancakes)

Well Hello Internet!

In the 2nd official post of my continuing pancake series i present Banana Pancakes!
not a huge departure from the first recipe, but its what i had on hand this weekend!



The Recipe is essentially exactly the same as last weeks. We’ll call that the Master Pancake Recipe – but this time banana’s are added for extra deliciousness!

I did do one thing differently, and that was to extend the resting period for the batter. Instead of letting it just rest for 30 minutes, i actually made the batter the night before and let it rest overnight in the fridge. This lets the gluten in the flour relax, and lets all the ingredients to really meld together well. In the morning it just has to be whisked up a bit again! The result was a much silkier pancake, that was very moist.

The Bananas are added to the pancakes while they are cooking. After pouring the batter into the pan, add a few slices of banana. Let the pancake cook until it gets a bit bubbly, and then flip!


This one’s ready for flipping

It all results in a stack of delicious pancakes. I went classic with this and went with butter and maple syrup.

somewhere though in the back of my mind i wanted some nutella for this… but we’ll save that for another day!

Click Here for the Master Pancake Recipe

Jack is Cooking Banana Flambé

Well Hello Internet!

this morning i decided to make banana flambé for breakfast. its pretty fun setting things on fire, and bananas are delicious, so these two things naturally go together!

this might be one of those don’t try at home things, but i dunno whatever. if you think u can do it go for it. hahaha

what you need:
powdered sugar
vanilla extract
lemon juice