Jack is Cooking Banana Flambé

Well Hello Internet!

this morning i decided to make banana flambé for breakfast. its pretty fun setting things on fire, and bananas are delicious, so these two things naturally go together!

this might be one of those don’t try at home things, but i dunno whatever. if you think u can do it go for it. hahaha

what you need:
powdered sugar
vanilla extract
lemon juice

Jack is Cooking Root Vegetable and Leek Soup

Well Hello Internet!
This past sunday, julie and i decided to make a Root Vegetable and Leek Soup!
its very easy to make.
heres what you need
1 leek
1 potato
1 rutabaga
3 carrots
3 parsnips
1 onion
2 inches of ginger
chicken stock (3-4 cups)
salt and pepper (1/2 tablespoon each- more pepper if you want)
half and half (1/2 cup)
first chop everything up into 2 inch cubes (except the ginger.  chop that up pretty finely)
then with a little butter sauté the carrots, onions, ginger, and parsley for about 5 minutes, or until the onions start getting a little clear
put the rest of the vegetables in the pot with the chicken stock (enough that all the vegetables are covered)
cook for about 45 minutes.  at this point all the veggies should be nice and soft.  take a potato masher
and mash them all together.  i prefer the masher to an immersion blender, because i like it still a little chunky.  then add in the half and half, the salt and pepper, and the cinnamon (just a dash)
cook it for 15 more minutes, then serve.  i served it with a spoon of greek yogurt, some chives, and a dash more cinnamon
mmmm mmmm delicious

Jack is Cooking Roast Turkey!

Well Hello Internet!

So the main event of the Christmas Dinner : Turkey!  well almost the main event, there is ham also.

But anyways, the Turkey!  this is actually pretty easy and almost impossible to screw up.
you can put whatever herbs and spices you want on it, but we had a heritage breed turkey, and honestly its so darn good that it doesn’t need anything except butter and stuffing!

So we took the turkey, and i put some of the delicious pancetta chestnut stuffing and i stuffed it in both ends.  then i took a whole lot of butter and rubbed it all over the turkey.

so somebody might notice that my turkey might be upside down.  however, i think its right side up.  and thats  because the skin on the breast is delicious, and if its in the bottom of the pan it gets soggy.  this way it gets really nice and crispy.  so BREAST UP!
after you’ve covered it in butter, put maybe an inch of water in the pan.  this is important.  very very important!  its the key to moist turkey!  then put tin foil over the whole thing.  but try to have it not touch the turkey.  imagine almost a tent of tinfoil.   this will contain some of the steam from the water, but let some out too.
Then roast it at 350 for about 20 minutes per pound, or until the internal temperature reaches 175°.  for our turkey it took 4.5 hours.  when there is going to be about 45 minutes to an hour left cooking, REMOVE THE TINFOIL  this will allow the skin to get crispy!
  take it out and let it sit for another 30 minutes to an hour
 it will eventually get to 180°
then get your carving tools out and carve away!  Save the pan and the drippings to make Gravy
mmmm mmmm delicious

Jack is Cooking Mashed Carrots and Swede (Rutabaga)

Well Hello Internet!

The other vegetable side dish in the Christmas Dinner that we made is mashed carrots and swedes.  this is something that my grandmother used to make, and is especially delicious.  In england the vegetable is called Swede, but here in america they call it a Rutabaga.

whatever you call it its pretty darn good.

This is the easiest thing we made!

heres what you’ll need:
salt and pepper

so first peel and cut all the vegetables and put them in a pot covered with water.  boil until they are tender, but not mushy

remove and strain, and put them back into the pot. and mash up with a potato masher

add some butter, salt, pepper, and a little bit of nutmeg, and mash again!  keep it a little lumpy though, you don’t want this to be creamy.
so that’s the carrots!
mmmm mmmm delicious!

Jack is Cooking Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts

Well Hello Internet!
Tonight i made a whole load more cookies!  this time i made chocolate cookies, and i have to say they are dangerously delicious.  woah man!
anyways they are real easy to make
here’s what you’ll need:
1 1/2 cupmilk chocolate chips
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons of butter
1 egg
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 2/3 cup pamelas gluten free pancake and baking mix (flour)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup walnuts

So First:
in a double boiler (i used a bowl in a pot of water) melt the butter and chocolate together over a low heat
meanwhile, in a bowl mix together the egg, sugar and vanilla
in another bowl, mix the flour, the baking powder and the salt together
by now the chocolate and butter have melted into a delicious mixture of chocolate and butter…. mmmmmmmmm
before you eat it all (and its cooled down a little bit), slowly pour and mix it into the sugar and egg
then slowly mix in the flour mixture, alternating with milk.  so a little flour, a little milk, a little flour, a little milk, etc.  until you have a nice batter.  this dough is going to be slightly more runny than normal.
put the dough in the fridge for like an hour.
preheat the oven to 350° (my oven takes about an hour…)
take a teaspoon, and spoon the dough onto a cookie sheet.  i sprinkled some christmas sugar on the cookies
bake them for 11 minutes, and out the come!  let them cool for 5-10 minutes on the pan, before putting them on a rack.  they will be so soft when they come out of the oven still, that they will melt through the rack at first!!
mmmmm mmmm delicious!